Planning your visit

See and learn for yourself how important hops still are for brewing beer. At the same time, discover the present-day growing of this unique plant set in the glorious countryside of Proven. At ‘t Hoppecruyt the hop grower will show you around both in the gardens and on the farm, even explaining about the hop harvester and the oast-house in the process. All in all, one and a half hours of fascinating stories about hops and hop growing. During the hop shoot season (March-April) you can sample the freshly-cut hop shoots straight from the field.

From June we focus on the various fascinating insects living on the bines, while early summer heralds the delightful flowering season of the hop. September is the month of months, when the hop harvest is in full swing. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience with age-old folksongs rekindled, songs that were popular with the thousands of hoppers who used to pick the harvest by hand.

Whichever season you choose, your visit will be rounded off with the tasting of a nice beer.

Educational visits for school parties available.

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Guided tours are available to single visitors  in a chance of languages Dutch, English and French. If the group has 3 languages, we do the tour in 2 languages. Book your visit here

Charges for group visits -  90 minutes

Small groups : 9 euros per person (including tasting) till 19 persons - for a minimum total amount of 90 euros.

Larger groups : 8 euros per person (including tasting) for groups up to 20 persons (including tasting).

Charges for a visit for single visitors - 90 minutes

9 euros/person (including tasting 1 beer). Book your visit here


After your visit you can drink a real ale brewed with our hops, taken either indoors or in our pleasant garden (2,5 - 4 euro).

You can have cake with coffee or tea (unlimited) (3 euro/person).

No visits possible on the following dates

From 1st April until and including 31th May

From 1st October until and including 15th February

On Sunday

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