't Hoppecruyt An ecologic hopfarm


In the heart of Poperinge, lies ‘t Hoppecruyt. An authentic Flemish farm.

The Desmyter family has been growing hops here, since 1893.

Not just any hops, but the very best hops as an ingredient for exquisite beer.

The hops of ‘t Hoppecruyt result from our passion and the expertise passed on from generation to generation.

We combine our deep-rooted traditions and know-how with the most innovative techniques.

To start with: we swear by ecologic cultivation, by using carbon farming, mechanical weed control, Integrated Pest Management, agroforestry and solar energy.

Our modern machinery helps us manage every step in the production process, from cultivation through processing to transport. And it helps us work quickly.

All our hops are picked, dried, processed into pellets and packed within 24 hours. In this way we get a unique product full of flavor and aromas.

Curious? Come along, listen to our story and taste.

Welcome to ‘t Hoppecruyt!

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Planning your visit

You can visit our hopfarm from the 15th of February till 31 March and from the 1st of June till the 30th of September. Only on reservation info@hoppecruyt.be.

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During the season you can buy hopplants, hopshoots, different varieties of hops in cones and pellets.

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In 2018 we won the Innovationprice for agriculture with our project '24 hour hops, picked and packed in a day'.

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Holiday cottage

Staying at ‘t Hoppecruyt Cottage guarantees a comfortable and relaxing holiday and you will fall under the spell of the hops and their sensual allure.

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Zwartbles Sheep

Our Zwartbles sheep efficiently control red spider mite and weeds!

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Growing hops

We work 9 months in our plantations and need 350 hours/hectare to manage the cultivation.

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Analytical data

Every year, all our varieties are tested on alpha, beta, hopoils and HSI.

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Opening hours

The farm shop is open on reservation and is always closed at sunday. (Phone 0494336646)

For visits we are closed from the 1st of October till the 14th of February and from the 1st of April till the 30 May, only on reservation.

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New harvest 2023! Hop Pellets
Sorachi Ace pellets - 2023
From 7,00 incl. VAT
New harvest 2023! Hop Pellets
Chinook pellets - 2023
From 7,00 incl. VAT
New harvest 2023! Hop Pellets
Comet pellets - 2023
From 7,00 incl. VAT
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g/Visit 18/07 at 14.30 o'clock
From 9,00 incl. VAT